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Following the events of September 11, 2001, in the United States, world public awareness for possible terrorist attacks on water supply systems has increased dramatically. Among the different threats for a water distribution system, the most difficult to address is a deliberate chemical or biological contaminant injection, due to both the uncertainty of the(More)
The approach outlined here assumes that modeling and simulating emotion should arise from a specification of the underlying contexts which determine action, and not emotional experiences or the labels we provide for them. This paper is an attempt to outline these contexts, describe the variables which each necessitates, and show how formal models capable of(More)
In the United States, water conservation-oriented rates (WCOR) are an increasingly vital tool for promoting water conservation and mitigating urban drought. Our models prove that one type of WCOR, drought demand rates (DDR), can produce with minimal regulation the quadruple objectives of conservation rates: (1) improving efficiency; (2) providing revenue(More)
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