William James Smith

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In this article, we present the results of a study investigating the influence of vulnerability to climate change as a function of physical vulnerability, sensitivity, and adaptive capacity on climate change risk perception. In 2008/2009, we surveyed Nevada ranchers and farmers to assess their climate change-related beliefs, and risk perceptions, political(More)
The paper looks at the general question of affordability of safety net programs in low income countries such as Malawi where a large proportion of the population are very poor subsistence farmers. With a very tight budget, and significant numbers of absolute poor, any program large enough to have a substantial impact would be extremely costly. However(More)
Western Pacific small island rural communities suffer from waterborne diseases and are among the least wealthy, most remote and resource-poor across the globe. Small landmasses, geologic composition, geographic isolation, a colonial history, and weak educational, technological and financial resources constitute significant barriers to strengthening capacity(More)
Many least-wealthy, rural, remote and resource-poor small island communities are unlikely to benefit from high-profile global water improvement initiatives. Their small landmasses, geologic composition, geography, social and technological isolation, colonial history, and weak educational and financial resources constitute significant barriers to improving(More)
In the United States, water conservation-oriented rates (WCOR) are an increasingly vital tool for promoting water conservation and mitigating urban drought. Our models prove that one type of WCOR, drought demand rates (DDR), can produce with minimal regulation the quadruple objectives of conservation rates: (1) improving efficiency; (2) providing revenue(More)
PREFACE It is a pleasure to provide the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) with this report. Prepared in accordance with special tasks in the US – China Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Protocol, the report offers an in-depth feasibility analysis of off-grid renewable energy systems and a comprehensive socioeconomic assessment of renewable(More)