William James McAuley

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Employing the Andersen/Neuman model of health behavior, this research compares the medically vulnerable (elderly, poor, and uninsured) with their less vulnerable counterparts with regard to (1) health and disability status, (2) likelihood of physician use, and (3) (among users) amount of physician use. Data were from the Oklahoma Behavioral Risk Factor(More)
In this study, the stabilization effects of three polymers on four model drugs (felodipine, fenofibrate, carbamazepine, and celecoxib) under saturated humidity were investigated. Three different types of thin films (solid dispersions, drug films with a polymer film coating and drug films laid on top of polymer coated surfaces) were prepared and compared(More)
This paper addresses how older rural residents view the relationship between God and both health and illness. We employed semi-structured interviews and qualitative analytical strategies with 15 African Americans residing in predominantly African American communities and 13 Whites living in nearby predominantly White communities, in order to identify(More)
This study examines hospice use among adult hospice patients based on the 1992-2000 National Home and Hospice Care Surveys, the 1997-1999 National Nursing Home Surveys, and the 1991-2000 annual Underlying and Multiple Cause-of-Death Files. The total number of adult hospice patients tripled between 1991-1992 and 1999-2000. The majority of inpatient hospice(More)
PURPOSE This exploratory study used a set of four obstacle constructs derived from both the existing literature and our earlier work to describe the diverse end-of-life scenarios observed for a group of residents in a long-term care facility. DESIGN AND METHODS Data from a retrospective chart review and both quantitative and qualitative methods of data(More)
BACKGROUND Many older adults with hyperlipidemia or hypertension participate in the Older Americans Act Nutrition Program, which serves meals in community settings and delivers meals to homes. However, there is little information regarding whether therapeutic meals designed around Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension (DASH) principles have a beneficial(More)
  • W J McAuley
  • The journals of gerontology. Series B…
  • 1998
This research examines place attachment among older residents of the all-Black towns of Oklahoma. Social-historical occurrences, personal experiences associated with race, and expressed differences between social-historical groupings of older African Americans influence the level of social and autobiographical insideness among the elderly residents. The(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the effect of MNT on dietary knowledge of older adults at baseline, 6 months and 12 months and to assess the effect of dietary knowledge on change in DASH diet adherence from baseline to 12 months. DESIGN Data for the analysis come from a controlled, randomized prospective design conducted from 2003-2005 with the outcome measures(More)
OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study was to determine the extent to which observed differences between White and African American nursing home residents in having an advance directive are attributable to differences between the groups in personal characteristics, the organizational environment of the nursing home, and the geographical environment of the(More)