William J Wade

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BACKGROUND Pericapsular acetabuloplasty procedures have been widely used as an integral component of combined surgery to treat developmental hip dislocation after walking age. The stability of the acetabuloplasty and the maintenance of the acetabular correction will depend on the structural integrity of the iliac crest autograft, which, traditionally, has(More)
This report details a facility for the fabrication of quality permalloy plated wires for computer memory applications. A description of the sequence of steps for a continuous plating system is included. Related parameters pertinent to production of reproducible uniform films and reduction of mechanical stresses are discussed; e. g. memory element,(More)
One hundred children aged 1 to 15 years were randomly allocated to two equal groups. All underwent cold orthopedic surgery to the lower limb, of more than 1 hour's duration with a standard anesthetic technique. One group received caudal bupivacaine 0.25%, 0.7 mL/kg, and one group acted as controls. There were no cases of fecal incontinence in the theater(More)
Esters of proteinogenic amino acids efficiently catalyse the formation of erythrose and threose under potentially prebiotic conditions in the highest yields and enantioselectivities yet reported. Remarkably while esters of (L)-proline yield (L)-tetroses, esters of (L)-leucine, (L)-alanine and (L)-valine generate (D)-tetroses, offering the potential to(More)
Congenital pseudarthrosis is uncommon. We report on a series of 4 patients treated by means of free vascularised fibular grafts. Complications encountered were graft fracture, delayed union and angulation deformities. Modifications in the surgical technique improved later results. We recommend wide excision of pathological bone, bridging of the defect by(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this paper is to describe the clinical features and radiological appearance of a rare and complex lower leg and foot deformity in hyperlax children. METHODS Four children were included in the study; of these, two had bilateral feet involvement. All deformities were present since birth, comprising a pentad of conditions: (1) pathologic(More)