William J. Schmidt

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Circuit-size complexity is compared with deterministic and nondeterministic time complexity in the presence of pseudorandom oracles. The following separations are shown to hold relative to every pspace-random oracle A, and relative to almost every oracle A 2 ESPACE. (i) NP A is not contained in SIZE A (2 n) for any real < 1 3. In fact, these separations are(More)
Software prefetching, typically in the context of numeric-or loop-intensive benchmarks, has been proposed as one remedy for the performance bottleneck imposed on computer systems by the cost of servicing cache misses. This paper proposes a new heuristic–SPAID–for utilizing prefetch instructions in pointer-and call-intensive environments. We use trace-driven(More)
Hardware-assisted real-time garbage collection offers high throughput and small worst-case bounds on the times required to allocate dynamic objects and to access the memory contained within previously allocated objects. Whether the proposed technology is cost effective depends on various choices between configuration alternatives. This paper reports the(More)
Modern object-oriented languages and programming paradigms require finer-grain division of memory than is provided by traditional paging and segmentation systems. This paper describes the design of an OSM (Object Space Manager) that allows partitioning of real memory on object, rather than page, boundaries. The time required by the OSM to create an object,(More)
In this paper we describe how a profiling system can be successfully used to restructure the components of an operating system for improved overall performance. We discuss our choice of a profiling system and how it was agplied to the AS1400 (Application System1400) operating system for the purpose of reordering code. Previous work in the industry has been(More)
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