William J. Riehl

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The interspecies exchange of metabolites plays a key role in the spatiotemporal dynamics of microbial communities. This raises the question of whether ecosystem-level behavior of structured communities can be predicted using genome-scale metabolic models for multiple organisms. We developed a modeling framework that integrates dynamic flux balance analysis(More)
Metabolic networks perform some of the most fundamental functions in living cells, including energy transduction and building block biosynthesis. While these are the best characterized networks in living systems, understanding their evolutionary history and complex wiring constitutes one of the most fascinating open questions in biology, intimately related(More)
Regulation of metabolic enzymes plays a crucial role in the maintenance of metabolic homeostasis, and in the capacity of living systems to undergo physiological adaptation under multiple environmental conditions. Metabolic regulation is achieved through a complex interplay of transcriptional and post-transcriptional mechanisms, some of which have been(More)
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