William J Raskoff

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We report on 4 new cases of valvular heart disease in Parkinson's disease patients treated with the ergot derivative dopamine agonists pergolide and cabergoline. Noninflammatory fibrotic degeneration of cardiac valves has been reported to occur in patients with carcinoid syndrome and to occasionally complicate therapies with the anti-migraine ergot alkaloid(More)
To evaluate the prevalence and importance of "physiological" left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH) in athletes, 30 marathon runners were studied. Electrocardiographic evidence of LVH, present in 24 subjects, was associated with concomitant echocardiographic evidence of a thickened left ventricular (LV) posterior wall in five, with an enlarged end-diastolic LV(More)
Angiographic-electrocardiographic correlations were studied in 253 patients with coronary arterial disease. Left ventriculograms were examined for various motion disorders (local hypokinesia, akinesia, dyskinesia or aneurysm, and generalized hypokinesia). Electrocardiograms were reviewed for the presence of Q waves indicative of transmural myocardial(More)
A case is described of an asymptomatic woman who had typical findings of mild pulmonic stenosis. Right heart catheterization revealed a 44 mm. Hg gradient across the pulmonary outflow tract, and a filling defect was discovered by angiography. On surgical exploration, the defect was found to be a benign cyst attached to the anterior leaflet of the pulmonary(More)
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