William J. Pervin

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Introduction. In his monograph [l], Császár introduced the notion of a syntopogenous space, which generalized the notions of a topological space, a proximity space, and a uniform space. Although Császár was able to obtain many of the usual theorems of general topology in this more general setting, the basic topological notion of connectedness was not(More)
4 I . Introduction . Alullivalued dependencies (\1VD's) are conlpl(A relationships used i n describing (he lth normal focal of relationa l databases . The study of inference rules is mad e even more complicated by the use of definition s which may require that the sets involved be disjoint . It would appear that some texts use tha t requirement because of(More)
For computer scientists, the controversy over the Strategi c Defense Initiative (SDI), popularly known as Star Wars , requires us to educate our students in those aspects o f software engineering applicable to the problems raised . In the same issue containing a special section on "Softwar e Testing," the ACM President, Paul Abrahams, discusse s the(More)
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