William J. Menz

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Chlorambucil (CBC) is used as a chemotherapeutic agent and immunosuppressant. Recently, it could be shown that CBC is considerably more effective than radiation or any chemical investigated to date in inducing high yields of germ-line mutations that appear to be multilocus deletions or other structural changes. We therefore reinvestigated the in vitro(More)
Most clinical chemistry tests are performed on cell-free serum or plasma. Therefore micro assay devices for blood tests require integrated on-chip microfluidics for separation of plasma or serum from blood. This is achieved by a new blood separation technique based on a microchannel bend structure developed within the collaborative microtele-biochip muTBC)(More)
One of the major fields of application of microstructure technology and microsystems technology will probably be centered in medical engineering. Above all in neurosurgery, highly sophisticated surgical instruments featuring high functionality combined with high reliability are needed. Products fabricated by conventional manufacturing technologies can(More)
This work presents a sequential modular approach to solve a generic network of reactors with a population balance model using a stochastic numerical method. Fullcoupling to the gas-phase is achieved through operator-splitting. The convergence of the stochastic particle algorithm in test networks is evaluated as a function of network size, recycle fraction(More)
The aim of this work is to present the mathematical description of a detailed multivariate population balance model to describe the structure and composition of silica nanoparticles. Silica nanoparticles are formed by the interaction of silicic acid monomers (Si(OH)4)in the gas-phase. A detailed numerical study of a stochastic particle algorithm for the(More)
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