William J.M Hrushesky

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A method developed for quantifying respiratory sinus arrhythmia (RSA) during voluntary cardiorespiratory synchronization relies on computer-assisted rhythmometric cosinor analysis of instantaneous heart rate data. The RSA was present in all subjects tested, even those at advanced ages. The amplitude of the RSA falls approximately 10 percent per decade. An(More)
Animal studies have indicated that the time of administration of adriamycin and cisplatin, two widely used anticancer drugs, has a profound effect on their toxicity. This effect in cancer chemotherapy was studied in 31 patients with advanced ovarian cancer. Patients received at least eight monthly courses of adriamycin that were followed 12 hours later by(More)
To explain a bimodal pattern of hazard of relapse among early stage breast cancer patients identified in multiple databases, we proposed that late relapses result from steady stochastic progressions from single dormant malignant cells to avascular micrometastases and then on to growing deposits. However in order to explain early relapses, we had to(More)
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