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1 The operational performance desired for autonomous vehicles in the battlefield requires new approaches in algorithm design and computation. Our design, Polymorphic Cognitive Agent Architecture (PCAA), is a hardware-software system that supports the requirements for implementing a dynamic multi-unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) mission planning application(More)
Several recent parallel computers have implemented logically shared, physically distributed memory systems which allow processors to directly access memory in other processors without interrupting the referenced PE. Because this kind of architecture provides greater flexibility for interprocessor communications than private address space computers,(More)
Cray Research will offer a version of the CPU for the Cray T90 system that implements a subset of the IEEE Standard 754 for floating-point arithmetic. A description of the 64-bit IEEE arithmetic implementation on the Cray T90 system with IEEE floating point hardware architecture is presented. Instruction set differences between this system and machnes with(More)
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