William J. Dally

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<italic>The bandwidth and latency of a memory system are strongly dependent on the manner in which accesses interact with the &#8220;3-D&#8221; structure of banks, rows, and columns characteristic of contemporary DRAM chips. There is nearly an order of magnitude difference in bandwidth between successive references to different columns within a row and(More)
Network throughput can be increased by dividing the buffer storage associated with each network channel into several virtual channels [DalSei]. Each physical channel is associated with several small queues, virtual channels, rather than a single deep queue. The virtual channels associated with one physical channel are allocated independently but compete(More)
Abstmct-VLSI communication networks are wire-limited. The cost of a network is not a function of the number of switches required, but rather a function of the wiring density required to construct the network. This paper analyzes communication networks of varying dimension under the assumption of constant wire bisection. Expressions for the latency, average(More)
Evolving technology and increasing pin-bandwidth motivate the use of high-radix routers to reduce the diameter, latency, and cost of interconnection networks. High-radix networks, however, require longer cables than their low-radix counterparts. Because cables dominate network cost, the number of cables, and particularly the number of long, global cables(More)
This paper considers the problem of electing a leader in<lb>a dynamic ring in which processors are permitted to fail and recover<lb>during election. e( n log n + I;, ) messages, when counting only messages<lb>sent by functional processors, are shown to be necessary and sufficient<lb>for dynamic ring election, where I;v is the number of processor(More)
We present Sequoia, a programming language designed to facilitate the development of memory hierarchy aware parallel programs that remain portable across modern machines featuring different memory hierarchy configurations. Sequoia abstractly exposes hierarchical memory in the programming model and provides language mechanisms to describe communication(More)