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Many of today's computers run with Bell Labo-ratories' Unix operating system, including the DEC PDP-1 1 and VAX series, Interdata 8/32, and Honeywell 6000.1(2 At least 5000 Unix systems are currently in operation , as compared with approximately 1000 such systems at the end of 1978. The need for linking these systems into networks has focused attention on(More)
We report a case of hemorrhagic pulmonary oxalosis secondary to a noninvasive Aspergillus niger fungus ball. A patient with cavitary lung disease and hemoptysis developed progressive lung infiltrates and intractable metabolic acidosis leading to death. At autopsy, aspergillomas were identified in both the right upper and middle lobes surrounded by a large(More)
Boron fibers made by a commercial chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process have been used as precursors for the formation of magnesium diboride (MgB 2) superconducting wires. Prior to a reaction with magnesium, the addition of dopants such as carbon and titanium to the boron fiber has been shown to enhance the superconducting properties of MgB 2. These(More)
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