William J. Anderson

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Let X denote the solution process of the stochastic equation dX{t) = a(X(t)) dt + a(X(t)) d\V{t). In this paper, conditions on a(and nd cr(are re given under which the sample paths of X are differentiable at t = 0 with probability one. Variations of these results are obtained leading to a new uniqueness criterion for solutions of stochastic equations. If(More)
A full description of the ontogeny of the beta cell would guide efforts to generate beta cells from embryonic stem cells (ESCs). The first step requires an understanding of definitive endoderm: the genes and signals responsible for its specification, proliferation, and patterning. This report describes a global marker of definitive endoderm, Claudin-6(More)
Scientists constantly make groundbreaking discoveries, some of which receive attention from the press. We designed a course intended for a lay audience that provides the scientific background to appreciate these reports more fully. We discuss three topics in the life sciences: stem cells, cancer, and infectious disease. The course is structured to blend(More)
Professional Associates has been certified by the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) as an independent review organization (IRO) (#IRO5288). Texas Insurance Code Article 21.58C, effective September 1, 1997, allows a patient, in the event of a life-threatening condition or after having completed the utilization review agent's internal process, to appeal an(More)
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