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A full description of the ontogeny of the beta cell would guide efforts to generate beta cells from embryonic stem cells (ESCs). The first step requires an understanding of definitive endoderm: the genes and signals responsible for its specification, proliferation, and patterning. This report describes a global marker of definitive endoderm, Claudin-6(More)
Scientists constantly make groundbreaking discoveries, some of which receive attention from the press. We designed a course intended for a lay audience that provides the scientific background to appreciate these reports more fully. We discuss three topics in the life sciences: stem cells, cancer, and infectious disease. The course is structured to blend(More)
ii This dissertation is dedicated to my family: my dad, Phil Van Noord my mom, Betty Van Noord and my siblings, spouses and their kids: Also to my fiancée Annabel Cutland. You have been a true blessing through this whole experience. Dedicated foremost to God, you have designed an amazing universe. iii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Several people have helped me with this(More)
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