William Horn

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In this paper we introduce the Progressive Forest Split (PFS) representation, a new adaptive refinement scheme for storing and transmitting manifold triangular meshes in progressive and highly compressed form. As in the Progressive Mesh (PM) method of Hoppe, a triangular mesh is represented as a low resolution polygonal model followed by a sequence of(More)
BACKGROUND Neonatal-onset multisystem inflammatory disease is characterized by fever, urticarial rash, aseptic meningitis, deforming arthropathy, hearing loss, and mental retardation. Many patients have mutations in the cold-induced autoinflammatory syndrome 1 (CIAS1) gene, encoding cryopyrin, a protein that regulates inflammation. METHODS We selected 18(More)
ÐMany real-world polygonal surfaces contain topological singularities that represent a challenge for processes such as simplification, compression, and smoothing. We present an algorithm that removes singularities from nonmanifold sets of polygons to create manifold (optionally oriented) polygonal surfaces. We identify singular vertices and edges, multiply(More)
We present a new method for (1) automatically generating multiple Levels Of Detail (LODs) of a polygonal surface, (2) progressively loading, or transmitting, and displaying a surface, and for (3) changing interactively the LOD when displaying. We build the LODs using any algorithm that performs edge collapses and certain vertex removals to simplify(More)
of every vertex can be continuously deformed to a disk (to a half disk at the boundary). This corresponds to an intuitive "surface" definition, as opposed to an arbitrary collection of polygons. Topological degeneracies can occur by design choice (e.g., vertex merging to avoid duplicating coordinates, or polygon reduction tools), or they can be produced by(More)
Geometric models are often annotated to provide additional information during visualization. Maps may be marked with rivers, roads, or topographical information, and CAD data models may highlight the underlying mesh structure. While this additional information may be extremely useful, there is a rendering cost associated with it. Texture maps have often(More)
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