William Holderbaum

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The installation of stationary super-capacitor energy storage system (ESS) in metro systems can recycle the vehicle braking energy and improve the pantograph voltage profile. This paper aims to optimize the energy management, location, and size of stationary super-capacitor ESSes simultaneously and obtain the best economic efficiency and voltage profile of(More)
In this paper, we present the results of an economic feasibility study and propose a system structure to test and maintain electrical stability. In addition, we present real operation results after constructing a remote microgrid on an island in South Korea. To perform the economic feasibility study, a commercial tool called HOMER was used. The developed(More)
Dynamic neural networks (DNNs), which are also known as recurrent neural networks, are often used for nonlinear system identification. The main contribution of this letter is the introduction of an efficient parameterization of a class of DNNs. Having to adjust less parameters simplifies the training problem and leads to more parsimonious models. The(More)
Objectives.  Theoretic modeling and experimental studies suggest that functional electrical stimulation (FES) can improve trunk balance in spinal cord injured subjects. This can have a positive impact on daily life, increasing the volume of bimanual workspace, improving sitting posture, and wheelchair propulsion. A closed loop controller for the stimulation(More)
This note investigates the motion control of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV). The AUV is modeled as a nonholonomic system as any lateral motion of a conventional, slender AUV is quickly damped out. The problem is formulated as an optimal kinematic control problem on the Euclidean Group of Motions SE(3), where the cost function to be minimized is(More)
Energy storage is a potential alternative to conventional network reinforcement of the low voltage (LV) distribution network to ensure the grid’s infrastructure remains within its operating constraints. This paper presents a study on the control of such storage devices, owned by distribution network operators. A deterministic model predictive control (MPC)(More)
This technical note investigates the controllability of the linearized dynamics of the multilink inverted pendulum as the number of links and the number and location of actuators changes. It is demonstrated that, in some instances, there exist sets of parameter values that render the system uncontrollable and so usual methods for assessing controllability(More)
This paper endeavors to apply a novel intelligent damping controller (NIDC) for the static synchronous compensator (STATCOM) to reduce the power fluctuations, voltage support and damping in a hybrid power multi-system. In this paper, we discuss the integration of an offshore wind farm (OWF) and a seashore wave power farm (SWPF) via a high-voltage,(More)