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OBJECTIVE This study determined the extent to which adding structured procedures improved diagnostic accuracy for outpatients with severe mental illness in a community mental health setting. METHOD The Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-III-R (SCID) was used to interview 200 psychiatric outpatients. A research nurse reviewed medical records and amended(More)
Both major depressive disorders (MDD) and schizophrenia (SZ) have been associated with reductions in slow-wave (Stages 3 and 4) sleep, although these findings are controversial. The present study compared quantitative EEG measures of slow-wave activity (0.5-4 Hz) during non-REM (NREM) sleep among age-matched, symptomatic but unmedicated, depressed,(More)
A simple latex particle agglutination test for the rapid detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis plasma membrane antigen in cerebrospinal fluid was evaluated in 18 children with tuberculous meningitis and 134 control children with other disorders. The antigen was detected in all 18 patients with tuberculous meningitis, although an initial sample from 1(More)
4 patients with tuberculosis, 3 of whom had tuberculous meningitis, were noted to have tuberculomas on computed tomographic scanning. During antituberculous chemotherapy the intracranial lesions increased in size in all 4 patients at a time when the clinical state and cerebrospinal-fluid abnormalities were improving; in 2 of the patients the regional lymph(More)
Thirty-three matched maternal venous and umbilical cord vein and artery plasma samples were obtained at elective caesarean section and the concentrations of the individual free fatty acids determined. The maternal levels were 1.009 (SEM 0.043) and the umbilical vein-artery difference was 0.036 (SEM 0.011) mmol/l. There was a significant correlation between(More)
OBJECTIVE The study examined characteristics associated with substance abuse among patients on a VA general inpatient psychiatry unit. METHODS A total of 452 consecutive discharge summaries from a six-month period were examined for a recorded diagnosis of psychoactive substance abuse or dependence and evidence of negative social or health effects from the(More)
Malignant Post-Vietnam Stress Syndrome describes a severe form of combat-related posttraumatic stress disorder. We update the concept of Malignant Post-Vietnam Stress Syndrome, considering the effects of repeated severe traumatization, exposure to atrocities, and a variety of comorbid conditions. An illustrative case report demonstrates an interdisciplinary(More)
Serial computed tomographic scans were performed during the course of tuberculous meningitis in 25 patients aged 1-70 years. Hydrocephalus rarely occurred without other abnormalities. Marked ventricular enlargement was associated with extensive basal enhancement. Basal meningeal enhancement was not a good indicator of the clinical state although marked(More)
The nephrotic syndrome in childhood is usually of the minimal-change variety. At least 95% of children with this lesion respond to adequate corticosteroid treatment. Failure to respond is an indication for renal biopsy to exclude a more sinister glomerular lesion. We report the case of a boy whose failure to respond was not due to progressive glomerular(More)