William Harms

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Prescribed fire, a practice applied annually to about 10(6) hectares of forests in the southeastern United States, had limited effects on soils, nutrient cycling, and hydrologic systems of a coastal plain pine forest. Hydrologic fluxes of nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, and basic cations, from burned pine litter to ground and stream waters, are not likely to(More)
Basal area and volume production in loblolly pine spacing trials in Hawaii were nearly double ' the average production in research plantings in the Southeastern United States. The higher productivity in Hawaii was associated, to some extent, with site index and more rapid growth of individual trees. Competition-related mortality, however, was considerably(More)
About 95% of swamp tupelo (Nyssa sylvatica var. bi$ora (Walt.) Sarg.) and sweetgum (Liquidumbar styruci-$ua L.) seedlings survived continuous root flooding for more than two years, whereas none of the swamp chestnut oak (Quercus michauxii Nutt.) and cherrybark oak (Q. falcata var. pagodifolia Ell.) seedlings survived one year of flooding. Death of oak(More)
18h Historical origin of naturalism, mechanistic thinking and its continuing influence on modern science 2. General introduction to philosophy of biology, 19 March, 15h-18h The different philosophical theories that influenced Darwin's thinking, the mechanism of natural selection on a meta-level, the formation of the Modern Synthesis, and Post-Neodarwinian(More)
Study estimates program's benefits to society at 3 to 31 times its cost A new study by the University of Chicago Crime Lab, in partnership with the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) and local nonprofits Youth Guidance and World Sport Chicago, provides rigorous scientific evidence that a violence reduction program succeeded in creating a sizable decline in(More)
PURPOSE Produce a collection of software tools (computer programs) that support three-dimensional (3D) radiation therapy planning. The tools are not a complete 3D planning system. Instead, they work with any 3D planning system that meets certain minimal specifications. The tools assist in deriving anatomic data from images, generating target volume(More)
Moral norms are the rules of morality, those that people actually follow, and those that we feel people ought to follow, even when they don't. Historically, the social sciences have been primarily concerned with describing the many forms that moral norms take in various cultures, with the emerging implication that moral norms are mere arbitrary products of(More)
The key to the naturalistic analysis of norms is incorporating adaptive histories into standard functional analysis. The rules of adapted design specify truth conditions for signals in adapted signaling systems, and their failures constitute the truth conditions for signals in function enforcement mechanisms. If function enforcement mechanisms lie behind(More)