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Prescribed fire, a practice applied annually to about 10(6) hectares of forests in the southeastern United States, had limited effects on soils, nutrient cycling, and hydrologic systems of a coastal plain pine forest. Hydrologic fluxes of nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, and basic cations, from burned pine litter to ground and stream waters, are not likely to(More)
Basal area and volume production in loblolly pine spacing trials in Hawaii were nearly double ' the average production in research plantings in the Southeastern United States. The higher productivity in Hawaii was associated, to some extent, with site index and more rapid growth of individual trees. Competition-related mortality, however, was considerably(More)
Radioactive xenon monitoring is one of the main technologies used for the detection of underground nuclear explosions. Precise and reliable measurements of (131m)Xe, (133g)Xe, (133m)Xe, and (135g)Xe are required as part of the International Monitoring System for compliance with the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT). For the first time,(More)
Study estimates program's benefits to society at 3 to 31 times its cost A new study by the University of Chicago Crime Lab, in partnership with the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) and local nonprofits Youth Guidance and World Sport Chicago, provides rigorous scientific evidence that a violence reduction program succeeded in creating a sizable decline in(More)
The German Federal Office for Radiation Protection operates a network of about 1800 gamma dose rate stations as a part of the national emergency preparedness plan. Each of the six network centres is capable of operating the network alone. Most of the used hardware and software have been developed in-house under open-source license. Short development cycles(More)
Moral norms are the rules of morality, those that people actually follow, and those that we feel people ought to follow, even when they don't. Historically, the social sciences have been primarily concerned with describing the many forms that moral norms take in various cultures, with the emerging implication that moral norms are mere arbitrary products of(More)
The Schauinsland inter-calibration facility (INTERCAL) has been designed to enable long-term comparison experiments for 20 different dose rate probes from different networks. Two reference probes characterised by the European Radiation Dosimetry WG3 inter-calibration experiments in 2008 and 2009 have been installed at the INTERCAL facility. Additional(More)
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