William Harms

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Prescribed fire, a practice applied annually to about 10(6) hectares of forests in the southeastern United States, had limited effects on soils, nutrient cycling, and hydrologic systems of a coastal plain pine forest. Hydrologic fluxes of nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, and basic cations, from burned pine litter to ground and stream waters, are not likely to(More)
Basal area and volume production in loblolly pine spacing trials in Hawaii were nearly double ' the average production in research plantings in the Southeastern United States. The higher productivity in Hawaii was associated, to some extent, with site index and more rapid growth of individual trees. Competition-related mortality, however, was considerably(More)
Moral norms are the rules of morality, those that people actually follow, and those that we feel people ought to follow, even when they don’t. Historically, the social sciences have been primarily concerned with describing the many forms that moral norms take in various cultures, with the emerging implication that moral norms are mere arbitrary products of(More)
Cooperative or altruistic behavior is known to be vulnerable to destructive exploitation in the absence of spatial segregation and perceptual discrimination on the part of cooperators. In this study, a non-standard, agent-based, spatially explicit model of the evolution of cooperation shows that spatial gradients of increasing individual mortality risk can(More)
The allergic contact dermatitis caused by iatrogenic sensibilisation represents one of the major problems involved in the local therapy of skin diseases due to chronic venous insufficiency. Among other forms of treatment it is suggested to use a local therapy without potential allergens in combination with compression therapy.
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