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☆ I am extremely grateful to Nicole Arshan, B. Doug Heather Campbell, Katherine Carman, Kevin Cotter, Gia Cynthia DiTullio, Claire Fowler, William Hardt, Han H Jayachandran, Soohyung Lee, Darwin Miller, Liam P. M Harvey S. Rosen, Andres Santos, Jeffrey H. Yellin, mem Labor Reading Group, and several anonymous referee research was supported in part by the(More)
Many charitable organizations believe it is worthwhile to solicit very small donations, particularly from young people, because these gifts form a habit of giving which leads to larger donations in the future. Indeed, there is some evidence of a positive correlation between giving when young and giving when old. However, such a correlation, by itself, does(More)
For the wide spread integration of web-based teaching and learning scenarios, a simple handling of the e-Learning applications is a key issue. For the Learning Management System (LMS) OPAL the problem was analyzed regarding the user-friendliness. To enable the author to work productively and efficiently, course preparation and course update templates with(More)
  • Jonathan Meer, Douglas Bernheim, +16 authors Jeffrey H. Yellin
  • 2008
While the effects of peers on charitable giving have been of considerable interest to social scientists, there is little empirical evidence on the magnitude of these effects. A correlation between giving or volunteering by one’s peers and one’s own giving can be driven by self-selection into groups, common shocks that inspire both the solicitor to ask and(More)
  • D D Gaijski, Frank Vahid, +7 authors Transformation-Based High
• If a script is applied several times in the same directory on the same source file and entity, the information stored in the according subdirectories (if such ones exist) is overwritten. • The results generated within the script evaluate (and, for this, evaluate_all) are always appended to the result files result and result.excel. • If one of those(More)
This paper shows the integration of RT-level advice into our system-level synthesis methodology. A standard C file is analyzed, HW is extracted and synthesized by our high-level synthesis tool PMOSS. For supporting a fast exploration of the design space, the final task of logic synthesis is enabled after a separate estimation phase. In this estimation phase(More)
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