William Harding

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A bull terrier died after drinking water at the margin of Zeekoevlei near Cape Town. At the time, Zeekoevlei, a hypertrophic coastal lake, contained a bloom of the cyanobacteria Nodularia spumigena and Microcystis aeruginosa. The circumstances of the incident, clinical signs of poisoning and histopathology, which mainly revealed extensive liver damage, were(More)
Cigarette smoking habits and attitudes and associated social factors of 997 third and fourth form pupils were studied, using an interviewer administered questionnaire, in two co-educational secondary schools as part of a smoking intervention programme. Overall, 32 percent of the pupils were regular smokers with 15% smoking more than two cigarettes per day.(More)
Three outbreaks of cyanobacterial (blue-green algae) poisoning involving cattle and sheep are described. In 2 of these acute mortality was followed by photodermatitis in some of the surviving animals. In all 3 outbreaks the hepatotoxicity of the water collected from the dams where the animals had been drinking was confirmed following the intraperitoneal(More)
This paper reports the result of an attempt to modify the cigarette smoking habits and attitudes of third and fourth form secondary school pupils. Baseline data was collected in two schools using an interviewer administered questionnaire. In one school a new intervention programme based on curriculum development was introduced. The other school had routine(More)
Information on alcohol use was collected during a survey of dietary intake and energy expenditure of fifteen year olds. Drinking habits of children from solo parent families were little different from those in two parent families. Thirty-two percent of the girls and 26% of the boys said they never drank. Mothers of non-drinkers were twice as likely to be(More)
Atoll dwelling people of Tokelau in the central Pacific have been studied in their home environment and after migration to the industrial culture of New Zealand. The migrants reflect the predominantly male and young composition of their group. Recent migration has eased the lot of the surplus young women from Tokelau, resulting in earlier marriage and(More)
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There are increasing concerns regarding the safe human consumption of fish from polluted, freshwater impoundments. The aim of this study was to analyse the muscle tissue of the sharptooth catfish Clarias gariepinus for selected organo-chlorine pesticides (OCPs) and to perform a human health risk assessment using a standard protocol described by the United(More)