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The common instructional approach in first programming courses is to consider jointly programming technique and coding in a particular language. This has the inherent disadvantage of focusing on language details at the expense of the skills of problem solving. As an alternative, a separated, but coordinated, course in programming concepts and a laboratory(More)
A system for preparation and manipulation of color graphics video frames is described. The system commands are designed for use by a class instructor (who is not a computer science person) in preparation and delivery of lectures to a remote site. The system can provide the types of images, overlays, and coloring that could be drawn using transparency sheets(More)
The demand for computer science education on the college campus is rapidly increasing. This is due to the ever expanding market for computer expertise in industry, government, and academia. The growth in the need for off-campus computer science instruction is also phenomenal. Professionals in areas other than computer science—engineering, business,(More)
ADA/TL is a language for specification of the behavior of systems of communicating tasks. It merges concepts of the specification part of ADA, VDM specification of packages, and temporal logic specification of task behavior. The TL part consists of constructive specification of behaviors of individual tasks and a system specification of the properties of(More)
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