William Hallock Park

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Toxin of sufficient strength to kill a 400-gramme guinea-pig in three days and a half in a dose of 0.cubic centimetre developed in suitable bouillon, contained in ordinary Erlenmeyer flasks, within a period of twenty-four hours. In such boullon the toxin reached its greatest strength in from four to seven days (0.005 cubic centimetre killing a 500-gramme(More)
Until recently diphtheria " toxin " was supposed to be a single definite substance and to have a definite toxicity in animals and neutralizing power for antitoxin. A fatal dose of toxin, without regard to the conditions under which it was produced or preserved, was supposed to require always the same quantity of antitoxin to neutralize it. Ehrlich's(More)
1. Typical pneumococci were present dunng the winter months in the throat secretions of a large percentage of healthy individuals in city and country. 2. A higher percentage of atypical strains of pneumococci have been obtained from healthy persons than from those suffering from pneumonia. In the latter cases the atypical strains may have been overlooked,(More)
1. The horse, apparently itself unsusceptible to poliomyelitis, can be stimulated in certain cases but not all to the production of virucidal antibodies. 2. The virucidal potency of such immune serum can be raised to a point comparable to that of human convalescent serum and when concentrated and refined exhibits a four-fold increase in potency. 3. Such(More)
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