William Hallock Park

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Subcellular distribution of 3H-nitrendipine was investigated in the isolated perfused rat heart by means of electron microscopic autoradiography. Mechanical measurements of cardiac contractile activity (dP/dt) were performed on the hearts used for autoradiography. There was a non-random pattern of silver grain distribution over the myocardial cells. The(More)
Toxin of sufficient strength to kill a 400-gramme guinea-pig in three days and a half in a dose of 0.cubic centimetre developed in suitable bouillon, contained in ordinary Erlenmeyer flasks, within a period of twenty-four hours. In such boullon the toxin reached its greatest strength in from four to seven days (0.005 cubic centimetre killing a 500-gramme(More)
Until recently diphtheria " toxin " was supposed to be a single definite substance and to have a definite toxicity in animals and neutralizing power for antitoxin. A fatal dose of toxin, without regard to the conditions under which it was produced or preserved, was supposed to require always the same quantity of antitoxin to neutralize it. Ehrlich's(More)