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Effects of Decompression and Puncturing the Gas Bladder on Survival of Tagged Yellow Perch
Abstract Overinflation of the gas bladder following rapid depressurization is relatively common in fishes caught in deep water and brought to the surface. Currently, the most commonly used method toExpand
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The development of fish-community objectives for each lake is mandated by A Joint Joint Plan for Management of Great Lakes Fisheries (Great Lakes Fishery Commission 1997). That multiagency agreementExpand
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Distribution, Abundance, and Resting Microhabitat of Burbot on Julian's Reef, Southwestern Lake Michigan
Abstract We used a remotely operated submersible vehicle equipped with a color video camera to videotape the lake bed and document the distribution and abundance of burbot Lota lota on a 156-hectareExpand
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Lake Trout Spawning Habitat in the Great Lakes — a Review of Current Knowledge
Abstract We review existing information on lake trout spawning habitat, which might indicate whether habitat is now a limiting factor in lake trout reproductive success. Lake trout spawning habitatExpand
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Differences in Early Development Among Lake Trout (Salvelinus namaycush) Populations
Genetic differences among surviving lake trout (Salvelinus namaycush) populations might be important for the reestablishment of self-sustaining populations in the Great Lakes, but little relevantExpand
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Inexpensive Method for Quantitative Assessment of Lake Trout Egg Deposition
Abstract Little evidence exists for extensive natural reproduction by lake trout Salvelinus namaycush stocked in the Great Lakes, except in Lake Superior. An obstacle to the systematic study of theExpand
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