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Wireless communications has emerged as one of the largest sectors of the telecommunications in d us t r y, evo Ivi n g from a niche business in the last decade to one of the most promising areas for growth in the 21 st century. ireless communications has emerged as one of the largest sectors of the telecommunications ,industry, evolving from a niche(More)
In this paper, we consider spectrum sharing between multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) radar system and a communication system modeled as MIMO interference channel. We derive a zero-forcing precoder for radar transmitter which completely eliminates the radar interference to communication users. Obtaining the precoder requires the knowledge of an(More)
An antenna array is overloaded when the number of cochannel signals in its operating environment exceeds the number of elements. Conventional space-time array processing for narrow-band signals fails in overloaded environments. Overloaded array processing (OAP) is most difficult when signals impinging on the array are near equal power, have tight excess(More)
a variant of Lipschitzian methods for bound constrained global optimization, has proved effective even in higher dimensions. However, the performance of a DIRECT implementation in real applications depends on the characteristics of the objective function, the problem dimension, and the desired solution accuracy. Implementations with static data structures(More)
—Cognitive radio (CR) is an enabling technology for numerous new capabilities such as dynamic spectrum access, spectrum markets, and self-organizing networks. To realize this diverse set of applications, CR researchers leverage a variety of artificial intelligence (AI) techniques. To help researchers better understand the practical implications of AI to(More)