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This paper describes FAST, a novel simulation methodology that can produce simulators that (i) are orders of magnitude faster than comparable simulators, (ii) are cycle-accurate, (iii) model the entire system running unmodified applications and operating systems, (iv) provide visibility with minimal simulation performance impact and (v) are capable of(More)
This paper describes the FAST methodology that enables a single FPGA to accelerate the performance of cycle-accurate computer system simulators modeling modern, realistic SoCs, embedded systems and standard desktop/laptop/server computer systems. The methodology partitions a simulator into (i) a <i>functional model</i> that simulates the functionality of(More)
This paper describes NSF-supported work in parallelized computer system simulators being done in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of Texas at Austin. Our work is currently following two paths: (i) the FAST simulation methodology[9, 11, 10] that is capable of simulating complex systems accurately and quickly (currently(More)
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