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The two-player Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma game is a model for both sentient and evolutionary behaviors, especially including the emergence of cooperation. It is generally assumed that there exists no simple ultimatum strategy whereby one player can enforce a unilateral claim to an unfair share of rewards. Here, we show that such strategies unexpectedly do(More)
The physical user interface is an increasingly signiicant factor limiting the eeectiveness of our interactions with and through technology. This thesis introduces Electric Field Imaging, a new physical channel and inference framework for machine perception of human action. Though electric eld sensing is an important sensory modality for several species of(More)
While investigating microRNA targets, we have found that human genes divide into two roughly equal populations, based on the fraction of A plus T bases in their 3' UTRs. Using the Gene Ontology database, we find significant functional differences between the two gene populations, with AT-rich genes implicated in transcription and translation processes, and(More)
Götz, Druckmüller, and, independently, Brady have defined a discrete Radon transform (DRT) that sums an image's pixel values along a set of aptly chosen discrete lines, complete in slope and intercept. The transform is fast, O(N2log N) for an N x N image; it uses only addition, not multiplication or interpolation, and it admits a fast, exact algorithm for(More)
Ribosome profiling produces snapshots of the locations of actively translating ribosomes on messenger RNAs. These snapshots can be used to make inferences about translation dynamics. Recent ribosome profiling studies in yeast, however, have reached contradictory conclusions regarding the average translation rate of each codon. Some experiments have used(More)
The genomes of mammals and birds can be partitioned into megabase-long regions, termed isochores, with consistently high, or low, average C + G content. Isochores with high CG contain a mixture of CG-rich and AT-rich genes, while high-AT isochores contain predominantly AT-rich genes. The two gene populations in the high-CG isochores are functionally(More)
Acknowledgements I would first like to thank my advisor Dr. Emmett Witchel. He dedicated significant time and effort to helping me learn and grow as a student and person. I would also like to thank the other students in OSA, especially Alan Dunn, for providing guidance and assistance in the face of sometimes daunting tasks. Further I would like to thank my(More)
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