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The two-player Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma game is a model for both sentient and evolutionary behaviors, especially including the emergence of cooperation. It is generally assumed that there exists no simple ultimatum strategy whereby one player can enforce a unilateral claim to an unfair share of rewards. Here, we show that such strategies unexpectedly do(More)
Without an additional license to use the contained software, this book is intended as a text and reference book, for reading purposes only. A free license for limited use of the software by the individual owner of a copy of this book who personally types one or more routines into a single computer is granted under terms described on p. xvii. See the section(More)
While investigating microRNA targets, we have found that human genes divide into two roughly equal populations, based on the fraction of A plus T bases in their 3' UTRs. Using the Gene Ontology database, we find significant functional differences between the two gene populations, with AT-rich genes implicated in transcription and translation processes, and(More)
Ribosome profiling produces snapshots of the locations of actively translating ribosomes on messenger RNAs. These snapshots can be used to make inferences about translation dynamics. Recent ribosome profiling studies in yeast, however, have reached contradictory conclusions regarding the average translation rate of each codon. Some experiments have used(More)