William H. Mischo

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Libraries and information providers are actively developing customized portals and gateway software designed to integrate secondary information resources such as A & I services, online catalogs, and publishers full-text repositories. This paper reports on a project carried out at the Grainger Engineering Library at the University of Illinois at(More)
1. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES While many schools of library and information science (LIS) offer courses designed to prepare professionals for work in a digital library program, few, if any, do so in a systematic and comprehensive manner. To address this need, the Institute of Museum and Library Services funded several projects in 2004 as part of their " Librarians(More)
The University of Illinois Library has been conducting transaction log analyses to model user search behaviors within our Library gateway. These analyses have informed the development and implementation of various search assistance mechanisms designed to facilitate search strategy modification and enhance user search navigation methods. This paper discusses(More)
This poster reports on user searching behavior within two information gateways developed at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library. These gateways are built around a locally developed metasearch engine and are designed to assist users with search query formulation and modification. Search behavior data is being collected in custom(More)