William H. Milnor

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A program of controlled motion following repair of flexor tendons in the hand is presented. This regimen incorporates the features of active extension against rubber band passive flexion, as well as those of controlled passive extension and passive flexion. In this prospective study, 44 digits with complete lacerations of the flexor digitorum profundus and(More)
Discovering patterns in graphs has long been an area of interest. In most approaches to such pattern discovery either quantitative anomalies, frequency of substructure or maximum flow is used to measure the interestingness of a pattern. In this paper we introduce heuristics that guide a subgraph discovery algorithm away from banal paths towards more(More)
We present a system for treatment by controlled motion after repair of flexor tendons in the hand. This Washington regimen incorporates both controlled active extension against passive flexion by rubber band and the use of controlled passive extension and flexion. We utilise the Brooke Army Hospital modification of the rubber band passive flexion splint;(More)
In most contemporary approaches to pattern discovery in graphs, either quantitative anomalies or frequency of substructure is used to measure the relevance of a pattern. In this thesis, we address the issue of discovering informative subgraphs within RDF graphs. In the context of Semantic Search, relevance of such subgraphs depends on the amount of useful(More)
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