William H . Kinard

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The Long Duration Exposure Facility (LDEF), which encompassed 57 experiments with more than 10,000 test specimens, spent 69 months in low Earth orbit (LEO) before it was retrieved by the Space Shuttle in January 1990. Hundreds of LDEF investigators, after studying for over two years these retrieved test specimens and the onboard recorded data and systems(More)
The particle flux measured by the meteoroid detectors on Pioneer 11 increased greatly while the spacecraft was near the rings of Saturn. The data suggest that the particles were associated with the rings and were not interplanetary meteoroids concentrated near the planet by gravitational focusing. The data also suggest that the E ring may be 1800 kilometers(More)
The concentration of meteoroids of mass ~ 10(-8) gram in interplanetary space, in the asteroid belt, and near Jupiter has been measured. The data confirm the Pioneer 10 observation that the asteroid belt is not highly populated with small meteoroids, suggest that the high concentration of small particles around Jupiter is the result of gravitational(More)
The LDEF Meteoroid and Debris Special Investigation Group (hereafter M&D SIG) was formed to maximize the data harvest from LDEF by permitting the characterization of the meteoroid and space debris impact record of the entire satellite. Thus, our work is complementary to that of the various M&D PIs, all of whom are members of the SIG. This presentation will(More)
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