William H Hollinshead

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The methods described two decades ago (l-3) for the isolation of crystalline stercobilin or urobilin from feces or urine are relatively slow and cumbersome. It is often desirable to obtain a few mg of crystalline material quickly, either to permit determination of the preponderant type (whether stercobilin, urobilin, or d-urobilin) or calibration of a(More)
The efforts of families, health care providers, and public health programs to optimize health care and health outcomes for children are often limited by the lack of timely, complete, and accurate health information. Families frequently serve as the messenger between providers in providing clinical details that they may not understand, because the paper(More)
Population-based hospital emergency department data on motor vehicle traffic trauma in Rhode Island, 1984-85, are analyzed by age, sex, and road-use status. Annualized rates of overall and severe trauma were 1,195 cases (95% confidence interval [CI] = 1,164, 1,225) and 102 cases (95% CI = 94, 111) per 100,000 population, respectively. Overall and severe(More)