William H. Dutton

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Expectations surrounding the role of e-learning need to be tempered by an awareness of the variety of technical, institutional, social and economic constraints on the innovation process. This paper reports on a case study of the introduction into a university of one of the most central e-learning initiatives in higher education, an enterprise-wide virtual(More)
In order to learn about the behaviours and health experiences of people who gamble on the Internet, we conducted an international online survey with respondents recruited via gambling and gambling-related websites. The mean (SD) age of the 4,125 respondents completing the survey was 35.5 (11.8) years, with 79.1% being male and 68.8% UK residents.(More)
In this paper, we examine transformations that have taken place in e-Research, and address the potential for additional transformations as e-Research develops and matures. The notion of a transformation in e-Research can operate on many levels: transformations in the tools used to conduct research, transformations in projects that enable new types of(More)
BACKGROUND Gambling can be motivated by both its hedonic value and by attempts to cope with dysphoric or stressful states. Thus, motivations constitute important mechanisms linking mood fluctuations and gambling. However, little is known about how different kinds of affective disturbance, such as mood elevation and dysphoria, motivate gambling behavior. (More)
CSCW as a field has been driven primarily by researchers' desire to solve real world problems of groups and organizations, and to use new technology to solve these problems. The field has accumulated a set of empirically-based interdisciplinary studies and many interesting new applications. The question to be addressed in this panel is whether CSCW as a(More)
Peltu and several anonymous reviewers for their comments. Summary Trust in the Internet and related information and communication technologies (ICTs)— 'cybertrust'—could be critical to the successful development of e-services ranging from electronic public service delivery to e-commerce. This paper is anchored in a study conducted in the summer of 2003 that(More)
* This paper has been jointly prepared for the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) by the BREB and OII of the University of Oxford. The lead role was taken by Gerardo A. Guerra, who wrote the first draft. The final version was revised and edited by William Dutton and Malcolm Peltu, based on input from Ann Carblanc, Graham Vickery,(More)