William H. Cooper

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Brainstorming groups have consistently produced fewer ideas than have the equivalent number of individuals working by themselves. These results have been attributed to social loafing, evaluation apprehension, and production blocking in groups. In this study, a new brainstorming technique--electronic brainstorming--that may reduce both production blocking(More)
A conventional wisdom in personality and social psychology and organizational behavior is that personality matters most in weak situations and least in strong situations. The authors trace the origins of this claim and examine the evidence for the personality-dampening effect of strong situations. The authors identify the gap between claim and evidence and(More)
Gail Whiteman learned to be a beaver trapper by working in the field with a Cree tallyman in Eastern James Bay, Québec. An account of her managerial experiences and some potential lessons for organizations were reported in Whiteman and Cooper (2000). Central to her managerial experience was the sense of being ecologically embedded – literally being grounded(More)
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