William H. Carter

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The purpose of the present study was to investigate the effects of acute and chronic cocaine administration on aggressive behaviour in mice. The animals were made more aggressive by individual housing for a period of 6 weeks. Group-housed anosmic conspecifics which were not aggressive were used as intruder controls. In acute studies, cocaine induced no(More)
BACKGROUND Candida prosthetic endocarditis (CPE) is an uncommon disease involving less than 1 % of infective endocarditis patients and associated with high recurrence rate. Immunosuppresion, intravenous drug abuse, cardiac surgery and indwelling foreign bodies are the major risk factors for CPE. There are very few reported cases of CPE where more than one(More)
Daily fractions of 188, 250, 375, 500, and 750 rads were given to rats with hepatoma 3924A so that all groups received the same weekly dose of 1500 rads over a 6-week period, for total doses of 9000 rads when only radiation was given and 4500 rads when combined with cyclophosphamide. No tumors were cured (with two exceptions) with or without three doses of(More)
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