William Grimson

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The ability to exchange in a meaningful, secure, and simple fashion relevant healthcare data about patients is seen as vital in the context of efficient and cost-effective shared or team-based care. The electronic healthcare record (EHCR) lies at the heart of this information exchange, and it follows that there is an urgent need to address the ability to(More)
In order to recognize an object in an image, we must determine the bestt transformation which maps an object model into the image. In this paper, we rst show that for features from coplanar surfaces which undergo linear transformations in space, there exists a class of transformations that yield projections invariant to the surface motions up to rotations(More)
The delivery of healthcare relies on the sharing of patient information between those who are providing for the care of the patient and this information is increasingly being expressed in terms of a 'record'. Further, it is desirable that these records are available in electronic form as Electronic HealthCare Records. As it is likely that patient records or(More)
OBJECTIVES This paper reports on the integration work required to support the delivery of healthcare. Specifically, four elements are included being: the DHE (a standards based distributed healthcare environment), Synapses which is a patient record server, XML as a technology to deliver records, and finally two client applications that facilitate structured(More)
All neuronic equations proposed by Caianiello (1961) are completely linearized in tensor space, and all problems related to them are reduced to matricial relations, i.e. solved in principle in compact form. As a consequence, one obtains th general synthesis of an arbitrary boolean net, from which the complete treatment of the general equations for a single(More)
Two general methods of analysis of neural nets are developed in terms of elementary matrix algebra. These methods offer a complete description of the behaviors of neural nets with relative ease. As an example, the special case of two neurons is completely solved. This case may be of interest in the consideration of two interacting quantities of any type,(More)
This brief article is a commentary on the Haux et al. paper on Health Care in the Information Society: a prognosis for the year 2013. The commentary concentrates in particular on the underlying assumptions, which are at the core of the Haux et al. vision for healthcare in 2013. They assume that while there will be a shift towards increased patient-centred,(More)