William Grey Walter

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1. Stimuli in any modality evoke responses over wide regions of frontal non-specific human cortex. 2. When identical stimuli are monotonously repeated these responses diminish irregularly and finally disappear. 3. When stimuli are presented frequently in association, the responses to the first or conditional stimuli are amplified while those to the second(More)
57 The Wernicke Syndrome A. Meyer 66 The Effect of Percussion of Nerve D. Denny-Brown and Charles Brenner 76 The Electro-Encephalographic Localization of Intra-Cranial Neoplasms W. A. Cobb 96 The Electroencephalogram in Traumatic Epilepsy Denis WilUiams 103 The Relation between the Itffects of the Blood Sugar Levels and Hyperventilation on the(More)