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The purpose of this paper is to develop an equivariant intersection theory for actions of linear algebraic groups on algebraic schemes. The theory is based on our construction of equivariant Chow groups. They are algebraic analogues of equivariant cohomology groups which have all the functorial properties of ordinary Chow groups. In addition, they enjoy(More)
Jellyfish blooms occur in many estuarine and coastal regions and may be increasing in their magnitude and extent worldwide. Voracious jellyfish predation impacts food webs by converting large quantities of carbon (C), fixed by primary producers and consumed by secondary producers, into gelatinous biomass, which restricts C transfer to higher trophic levels(More)
The magnitude and extent of jellyfish blooms are influenced not only by the biology and behavior of the animal, but also by the geographic setting and physical environment. Hydrography alone is often thought to cause or favor gelatinous zooplankton aggregations, however, it is clear that interactions between biology of the animal and physics of the water(More)
Fisheries resource trawl survey data from the National Marine Fisheries Service from a 11–13-year period to 1997 were examined to quantify numerical and distributional changes of two species of northern Gulf of Mexico scyphomedusae: the Atlantic sea nettle, Chrysaora quinquecirrha (Desor), and the moon jelly, Aurelia aurita (Linné). Trawl surveys were(More)
There are indications that pelagic cnidarians and ctenophores (‘jellyfish’) have increased in abundance throughout the world, or that outbreaks are more frequent, although much uncertainty surrounds the issue, due to the scarcity of reliable baseline data. Numerous hypotheses have been proposed for the individual increases or outbreaks that are better(More)
Following the Deepwater Horizon disaster, the effect of weathering on surface slicks, oil-soaked sands, and oil-covered rocks and boulders was studied for 18 months. With time, oxygen content increased in the hydrocarbon residues. Furthermore, a weathering-dependent increase of an operationally defined oxygenated fraction relative to the saturated and(More)
A large population of a previously unreported jellyfish occurred across the northern Gulf of Mexico (USA) from May through September of 2000. The jellyfish, identified as Phyllorhiza punctata by von Lendenfeld (1884), is not indigenous to the Gulf of Mexico or to the Atlantic Basin. Current theory states that this invasive species was introduced into the(More)
During the autumn of 1991, numerous seabird fatalities in Monterey Bay, California, led to the discovery of a new domoic acid-producing diatom, Pseudonitzschia australis. Since this initial event, sizable populations of P. australis, as well as other likely toxin producers, P. pungens f. multiseries and P. pseudodelicatissima, have occurred biannually in(More)