William Godard

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41 patients with pemphigoid entered a multicentre randomised study of the efficacy of plasma exchange. All patients received 0.3 mg/kg daily oral prednisolone, increased weekly if the disease remained active. 24 patients received plasma exchanges in addition (eight large-volume exchanges over 4 weeks), and 17 had prednisolone only. 4 patients, 2 in each(More)
Malignant Langerhans cell tumor is a rare malignant proliferation of Langerhans cells, with a negative prognosis due to its dissemination throughout the body, leading to death within 1 year. This disease has to be distinguished from Langerhans cell histiocytosis. The favorable evolution of a case of Langerhans cell tumor, characterized by the absence of(More)
INTRODUCTION In 1968, Rapp and Hodgkin described a family (a mother and her son and daughter) with a combination of dysplasic hair, nails, hypodontia and hypohidrosis associated with oral clefting and hypoplasia of the maxillary. Forty other cases of this congenital disorder have since been reported, and provide better knowledge of this predominantly(More)
Haematoporphyrin is a synthetic porphyrin the photosensitizing properties of which are used for the detection and treatment of some neoplasias. Three cases of phototoxicity from Hemedonine, an "anti-asthenia" drug composed of pure haematoporphyrin, are reported. Following exposure to the sun, painful urticarial plaques developed at the sites of(More)
INTRODUCTION Malignant melanoma arising in giant congenital nevus is a well known but rare event. CASE REPORT A 15 day-old boy with giant congenital nevus all over the left leg was seen for a 6 mm red and bleeding nodule inside the nevus on the inner thigh. Histopathology showed spindle cell malignant melanoma. A 3 cm edge surgical excision was performed(More)