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With the fast advance of real-time computer graphics, head-mounted displays (HMDs) have become popular tools for 3D visualization. One of the most promising and challenging future uses of HMDs, however, is in applications where virtual environments enhance rather then replace real environments. The difficulty comes from the fact that the relative(More)
For nearly 150 years, it has been recognized that cell shape strongly influences the orientation of the mitotic cleavage plane (e.g., Hofmeister, 1863). However, we still understand little about the complex interplay between cell shape and cleavage-plane orientation in epithelia, where polygonal cell geometries emerge from multiple factors, including cell(More)
The regulation of cleavage plane orientation is one of the key mechanisms driving epithelial morphogenesis. Still, many aspects of the relationship between local cleavage patterns and tissue-level properties remain poorly understood. Here we develop a topological model that simulates the dynamics of a 2D proliferating epithelium from generation to(More)
Epithelia are sheets of tightly adherent cells that line both internal and external surfaces in a vast array of metazoans. During development, an intrinsic consequence of coupling tight adhesion with cellular proliferation is the emergence of an epithelial form characterized by a stereotyped distribution of polygonal cell shapes. Despite the near(More)
BACKGROUND Jacobsen syndrome is a rare contiguous gene disorder that results from a terminal deletion of the long arm of chromosome 11. It is typically characterized by intellectual disability, a variety of physical anomalies and a distinctive facial appearance. The 11q deletion has traditionally been identified by routine chromosome analysis. Array-based(More)
Huntington disease is an adult-onset neurodegenerative disorder that is caused by the expansion of a polyglutamine tract within the Huntingtin (htt) protein. Wild-type htt has been shown to be involved in transcription, transport and cell survival. Here, we demonstrate that increased expression of full-length wild-type htt in mice is associated with a(More)
Congenital leptin deficiency is a rare, but treatable, cause of severe early-onset obesity. To date, two United Kingdom families of Pakistani origin carrying a frameshift/premature stop mutation, c.398delG (Delta133G), and one Turkish family carrying a missense mutation, c.313C>T (Arg(105)Trp), have been described. Affected subjects are homozygotes and(More)
In both plants and animals, the interplay between mechanical force generation and mechanical sensing plays a stabilizing role in many developmental processes. Uyttewaal et al. now demonstrate that cells in the Arabidopsis shoot apical meristem respond to local mechanical stresses by reorienting their growth, thereby guiding morphogenesis. Notably, the(More)
The neural circuit mechanisms underlying emotion states remain poorly understood. Drosophila offers powerful genetic approaches for dissecting neural circuit function, but whether flies exhibit emotion-like behaviors has not been clear. We recently proposed that model organisms may express internal states displaying "emotion primitives," which are general(More)
BACKGROUND Array genomic hybridization is being used clinically to detect pathogenic copy number variants in children with intellectual disability and other birth defects. However, there is no agreement regarding the kind of array, the distribution of probes across the genome, or the resolution that is most appropriate for clinical use. RESULTS We(More)