William Gerrard

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BACKGROUND Findings from previous studies on the effects of air pollution exposure on lung function during childhood have been inconsistent. A common limitation has been the quality of exposure data used, and few studies have modeled exposure longitudinally throughout early life. OBJECTIVES We sought to study the long-term effects of exposure to(More)
BACKGROUND Epidemiological studies on the effect of urban air pollution on childhood asthma have shown conflicting results and so far no consistent association has emerged. However, a common limitation in previous studies has been exposure misclassification leading to uncertainties in risk estimates.The aim of this study was to analyse the effects of(More)
Summary The colour of the hair of 65 subjects was measured using a Minolta Chromameter model CR200. Readings were taken by holding the unit against the back of the subject's head, and recorded using the L*a*b* system of colour co-ordinates. All subjects had hair in which yellow and red (rather than blue or green) dominated. The lightness (L*) of all hair(More)
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