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Using mAb technology (Wayner, E. A., W. G. Carter, R. Piotrowicz, and T. J. Kunicki. 1988. J. Cell Biol. 107:1881-1891), we have identified a new fibronectin receptor that is identical to the(More)
We have identified monoclonal antibodies that inhibit human cell adhesion to collagen (P1H5), fibronectin (P1F8 or P1D6), and collagen and fibronectin (P1B5) that react with a family of structurally(More)
Basal cells of stratified epidermis are anchored to the basement membrane zone (BMZ) of skin via hemidesmosomes. We previously identified integrin alpha 3 beta 1, in focal adhesions (FAs), of(More)