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Ten patients with debilitating hip or knee pain were examined with magnetic resonance (MR) imaging. All had conventional radiographs that were either normal or showed nonspecific osteopenia. Nine patients had bone scintigrams that showed focal increased radionuclide uptake in the region of the painful joint. In each case, MR images of the affected joint(More)
Objective. To report the clinicopathologic features of solitary skeletal hemangioma of the extremities and to review previous cases in the English language medical literature. Patients. In addition to five of our own cases, 34 literature cases with substantial and 75 with partial clinicopathologic information were found. Results. Our patients, three men and(More)
Magnetic resonance (MR) images of 21 patients who had undergone radiation therapy were analyzed and compared with those of 15 patients who had untreated tumors. T2-weighted images (TR = 1,500 msec, TE = 90 msec) were most helpful in distinguishing recurrent tumor from radiation fibrosis. Radiation fibrosis, like muscle, usually remained low in signal(More)
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is the imaging method of choice for evaluating the presence and extent of soft tissue masses. It is particularly useful for assessing masses in the wrist and hand, where benign lesions predominate. A specific diagnosis may be made, or strongly suspected, from the characteristic MRI features found in certain conditions like(More)
Transillumination light scanning of the breast was compared with screen-film mammography in a prospective study of 1,110 women referred to an outpatient imaging department. Each method was interpreted independently of the other but with knowledge of physical examination findings. Of 24 biopsy-proved cancers, 14 (58%) were detected with light scanning and 21(More)
One hundred two computed tomographic (CT) arthrograms of the shoulder were retrospectively reviewed and compared with conventional double-contrast arthrograms from 101 patients (24 females and 77 males aged 9-70 years). One- to 4-year follow-up was obtained in 84 patients, 40 of whom underwent open-shoulder surgery or arthroscopy. Morphology of the normal(More)
To evaluate the role of selective intra-arterial low-dose thrombolytic therapy (SILDT) as an alternative to the surgical management of acute arterial occlusion, the hospital records of 40 patients who underwent 43 SILDT treatments with either streptokinase (36) or urokinase (7) between December 1979 and March 1984 were reviewed. Twenty-eight patients(More)
STUDY DESIGN A case report of a cervical facet joint synovial chondromatosis. OBJECTIVES To correlate the radiologic and histologic features of vertebral synovial chondromatosis with review of the literature. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Only two previous cases of vertebral facet joint synovial chondromatosis were found in a review of the English language(More)
The radiologic and MR appearances of cystic fibrous dysplasia (FD) along with pathologic correlation are reported in a symptomatic patient. As a guide for operative intervention, MRI is helpful in both characterizing the lesion and its internal structure and determining the extent of osseous involvement. Cystic FD without an aneurysmal bone cyst component(More)