William G. Rothstein

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The American South before the Civil War was distinguished by a rural agricultural economy based on chattel slavery and in many places a moist warm climate favourable to infectious and parasitic diseases. These conditions led southerners to claim that the ante-bellum South was medically and scientifically distinctive, a viewpoint that is examined critically(More)
This case report describes the repair of a complete sternal dehiscence of the lower right sternum using sternal wires, manubrial plates, and a Talon closure device for rigid, multidimensional sternal fixation. Sternal dehiscence is a rare but significant cause of morbidity for patients undergoing median sternotomy. The risk factors for this complication are(More)
COURSE ORGANIZATION The seminar is designed to introduce graduate students in history and in public health to the social history of medicine. The particular focus will be on the idea and practice of medicine as a profession, with frequent reference to sociological concepts and to the American experience in the 19 th and 20 th century. Requirements for the(More)
name, he sold off most of the family property in order to finance the purchase of Hornby Castle. This, along with practically everything else of value, was left to him in Marsden's will. Thus was the stage set for the long-running lawsuit of Tatham v. Wright, a national cause celebre of the early nineteenth century. Marsden's heir at law, Rear Admiral(More)
that Gadamer associates with "health". Gaiger and Walker have translated Gadamer's critique of modem medicine in elegant and eminendly quotable language. Anyone interested in Gadamer, and anyone seeking quotable quotes from a famous and influential philosopher who is sceptical of the claims of modernism in medicine, would do well to peruse this book. Anyone(More)
hence that Freud's thinking was merely one variation upon concepts of the unconscious that had been developing since Mesmer and branching into the work of Moritz Benedikt, Janet, Jung and others, Ellenberger also thereby displaced Freud from his customary position at centre-stage, at the same time as paying him homage. As Micale emphasizes in his luminous(More)
This investigation is a replication and extension of an earlier study by Stout, Holmes, and Rothstein (1977) of the predoctoral clinical psychology intern graduates at the William S. Hall Psychiatric Institute. The interns were surveyed (N = 63) with regard to how adequately their internship experience prepared them for their current professional work as(More)