William G. Rothstein

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A sample of 34 deaf undergraduate college students at Gallaudet University and 46 hearing undergraduate college students at the University of Maryland Baltimore County completed a questionnaire that asked about their knowledge and sources of information concerning the human immunodeficiency virus and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS). The deaf(More)
PROBLEM The health and long-term care systems in the United States rely heavily on the services of registered nurses, but concerns exist about the adequacy of the current and projected supply of registered nurses to meet the nation's needs. One way to increase the nursing supply is to increase the retention rates of nurses, especially men nurses who are(More)
Relationships between registered nurses and physicians have often been described in terms of two models: one based on interactions between two health professions and one based on the patriarchy of male physicians and the deference of female nurses. To evaluate nurses' perceptions of the two models, 125 advanced practice nurses at a statewide professional(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the recommendation for adding unaffiliated members to institutional review boards (IRB) by comparing the attitudes and influence of IRB members of different backgrounds, primarily nurses, physicians, and unaffiliated members. DESIGN Survey. METHOD A closed-ended self-administered questionnaire concerning ethical issues in human(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine medical and nonmedical users of prescription opioids, central nervous system depressants, and stimulants taken individually and in combination. PARTICIPANTS Undergraduates at an urban mid-Atlantic university with 12,000 students. METHODS A questionnaire administered in classes provided 413 responses, with a usable response rate of(More)
The authors surveyed 243 urban public university students who were born in the United States, China, and India to compare the health beliefs of the China-born, India-born, and US-born students. Although the China- and India-born students shared beliefs in many preventive and therapeutic practices of Western medicine with the US-born students, they retained(More)
that Gadamer associates with "health". Gaiger and Walker have translated Gadamer's critique of modem medicine in elegant and eminendly quotable language. Anyone interested in Gadamer, and anyone seeking quotable quotes from a famous and influential philosopher who is sceptical of the claims of modernism in medicine, would do well to peruse this book. Anyone(More)
hence that Freud's thinking was merely one variation upon concepts of the unconscious that had been developing since Mesmer and branching into the work of Moritz Benedikt, Janet, Jung and others, Ellenberger also thereby displaced Freud from his customary position at centre-stage, at the same time as paying him homage. As Micale emphasizes in his luminous(More)