William G. Roberts

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CONTEXT Obese individuals tend to resist the weight-regulating effects of exogenously administered leptin. A genetically engineered recombinant human variant ciliary neurotrophic factor (rhvCNTF) that signals through leptinlike pathways in the hypothalamus has been shown to bypass leptin resistance in animal models of obesity. OBJECTIVE To identify a safe(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether consumption of five portions of fruit and vegetables per day reduces the enhancement of oxidative stress induced by consumption of fish oil. SUBJECTS A total of 18 free-living healthy smoking volunteers, aged 18-63 y, were recruited by posters and e-mail in The University of Reading, and by leaflets in local shops. DESIGN(More)
The effects of mixtures of antioxidants on the oxidation of phospholipids have been investigated in large unilamellar liposomes following initiation by 2,2'-azobis(2-aminopropane) dihydrochloride. The lag phase increased linearly with antioxidant concentration. The lag phases of mixtures containing alpha-tocopherol with ascorbic acid showed synergy between(More)
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