William G. Fleissner

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Assuming the axiom of constructibility, points in closed discrete subspaces of certain normal spaces can be simultaneously separated. This is a partial result towards the normal Moore space conjecture. The normal Moore space conjecture states that every normal Moore space is metrizable. This is known to be not provable from the usual axioms of set theory,(More)
Assuming the continuum hypothesis, a normal nonmetrizable Moore space is constructed. This answers a question raised by F. B. Jones in 1931, using an axiom well known at that time. For the construction, a consequence of the continuum hypothesis that also follows from the nonexistence of an inner model with a measurable cardinal is used. Hence, it is shown(More)
We introduce the property generalized subcompactness and prove that subcompactness implies generalized subcompactness and that generalized subcompactness implies domain representability. We develop a simplified characterization of domain representability. We present an extension X of Debs’ space and prove that X is generalized subcompact but α does not have(More)
Using forcing we produce a model of ZFC + CH (with 2 arbitrarily large) and, in this model, we obtain a characterization of the Abelian groups G (necessarily of size at most 2) which admit: (i) a hereditarily separable group topology, (ii) a group topology making G into an S-space, (iii) a hereditarily separable group topology that is either precompact, or(More)
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