William G. Fleissner

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  • W G Fleissner
  • 1982
Assuming the continuum hypothesis, a normal nonmetrizable Moore space is constructed. This answers a question raised by F. B. Jones in 1931, using an axiom well known at that time. For the construction, a consequence of the continuum hypothesis that also follows from the nonexistence of an inner model with a measurable cardinal is used. Hence, it is shown(More)
Note there are many papers where box products are an important yet a secondary topic (for example Rudin's solution to the Dowker problem, Dow's A Separable Space with no Remote Points, or Vaughan's Products of ω µ-metrizable spaces) are not included here. 1. Box products and the axiom of choice. [Boxprodukte undAuswahlaxiom (in German)] 2. The box product(More)
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