William G Benson

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GPR40 is a member of a subfamily of homologous G protein-coupled receptors that include GPR41 and GPR43 and that have no current function or ligand ascribed. Ligand fishing experiments in HEK293 cells expressing human GPR40 revealed that a range of saturated and unsaturated carboxylic acids with carbon chain lengths greater than six were able to induce an(More)
The nuclear oxysterol receptors liver X receptor-alpha [LXRalpha (NR1H3)] and LXRbeta (NR1H2) coordinately regulate genes involved in cholesterol homeostasis. Although both LXR subtypes are expressed in the brain, their roles in this tissue remain largely unexplored. In this report, we show that LXR agonists have marked effects on gene expression in murine(More)
Energy production by oxidative metabolism in kidney, stomach, and heart, is primarily expended in establishing ion gradients to drive renal electrolyte homeostasis, gastric acid secretion, and cardiac muscle contraction, respectively. In addition to orchestrating transcriptional control of oxidative metabolism, the orphan nuclear receptor, estrogen-related(More)
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