William Fulton

Ronald Stern1
Griffiths-Harris Hartshorne1
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General Description • Committee is standing • Number of members is four • Term is four years Principal Activities The Committee is charged with selecting projects for publication that would be appropriate as graduate level textbooks. The Committee is encouraged to look favorably on recommendations from other editorial committees of the Society but is(More)
To the memory of my mother ii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I am greatly indebted to my adviser Yongbin Ruan for introducing me to this problem and for the countless hours of advice I have received from him. I would also like to thank Kentaro Hori for explaining his work to me during his visit to Michigan and for patiently listening to my proof of the cohomological(More)
you have taught will be invaluable for the remainder of my journey. Special thanks are due to my friend and collaborator Eric Katz. A large part of this thesis is based on our joint work. Lastly, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Mircea Mustat¸˘ a for being such a great advisor. Thank you.
  • William Fulton, Shafarevich Mumford, Griffiths-Harris Hartshorne, Kunz, Brieskorn-Knörrer Clemens, Arbarello-Cornalba-Griffiths-Harris
  • 2008
This text has been out of print for several years, with the author holding copyrights. Since I continue to hear from young algebraic geometers who used this as their first text, I am glad now to make this edition available without charge to anyone interested. I am most grateful to Kwankyu Lee for making a careful LaTeX version, which was the basis of this(More)
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