William Frederick

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An investigation into image fusion for a nighttime driving display application was performed. Most of the image fusion techniques being investigated in this application were developed for other purposes. When comparing the images of a typical night driving scene to the images used in medical or satellite image fusion it becomes apparent that most of the(More)
Nepotism has been the primary influence on political behavior throughout human history. Despite the spread of democracy in the 20 th century, nepotistic regimes have hardly disappeared. Nepotism heavily influences political activity throughout the developing world, Middle East, and central Asia where family ties are essentially for gaining access to power,(More)
Thesis: " A framework for assisting learners by incorporating knowledge to aid in predicting nerve guidance conduit performance " Research Assistant ◽ Assisted professor in research activities to develop novel machine learning algorithms specifically focusing in methods to integrate prior domain knowledge. ◽ Worked directly with biomedical engineering(More)
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