William Ferreira

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Concurrent ML (CML) is an extension of Standard ML of New Jersey with concurrent features similar to those of process algebra. In this papes we build upon John Reppy's reduction semantics for CML by constructing a compositional operational semantics for a fragment of CML, based on higher-order process algebra. We use this to build a semantic theory for CML,(More)
Antibiotic therapy in hematologic patients, often weak and susceptible to a wide range of infections, particularly nosocomial infections derived from long hospitalization periods, is a challenging issue. This paper presents ESBL-producing strains isolated from such hematologic patients treated at the Amazon Hematology and Hemotherapy Foundation (HEMOAM) in(More)
We provide a method to obtain linear Weingarten surfaces from a given such surface, by imposing a one parameter algebraic condition on a Ribaucour transformation. Our main result extends classical results for surfaces of constant Gaussian or mean curvature. By applying the theory to the cylinder, we obtain a two-parameter family of complete linear(More)
We report new sequence types of 14 penicillinase-producing Neisseria gonorrhoeae, isolated from sexually transmitted disease clinic attendees in Manaus, Brazil. They were characterized by WI/WII/WIII groups, susceptibility testing and Multi-Antigen Sequencing Typing/Mutilocus Sequence Typing protocols. Twelve were classified as WII/III and 2 as WI and were(More)