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The Attractive Female Body Weight and Female Body Dissatisfaction in 26 Countries Across 10 World Regions: Results of the International Body Project I
Results indicated there were significant cross-regional differences in the ideal female figure and body dissatisfaction, but effect sizes were small across high-socioeconomic-status (SES) sites.
Men’s Partner-Directed Insults and Sexual Coercion in Intimate Relationships
Women who have been sexually coerced by an intimate partner experience many negative health consequences. Recent research has focused on predicting this sexual coercion. In two studies, we
Why Do Men Rape? An Evolutionary Psychological Perspective
Rape of women by men has occurred throughout recorded history and across cultures. In this article, we discuss rape from an evolutionary psychological perspective. Evolutionary psychology is a
Human sperm competition in postindustrial ecologies: sperm competition cues predict adult DVD sales
The current research uses a new methodology to address conflicting evidence about men’s preferences for pornographic images, and consistent with the hypothesis generated from sperm competition theory, the number of images on a DVD cover and screenshots depicting 2 or more men interacting with 1 woman predicts DVD sales rank.
Individual Differences in Women’s Rape Avoidance Behaviors
The hypothesis that women’s rape avoidance behaviors would vary with several individual difference variables was tested, and it was predicted that Rape Avoidance behaviors would covary positively with women's attractiveness, women's involvement in a committed romantic relationship, and the number of family members living nearby.
Perceived risk of female infidelity moderates the relationship between objective risk of female infidelity and sexual coercion in humans (Homo sapiens).
Preliminary evidence is provided that mated men at greater risk of partner EPC, measured as having spent a greater proportion of time apart from their partner since the couple's last in-pair copulation, more frequently perform partner-directed sexually coercive behaviors.