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BACKGROUND Intermittent claudication identifies persons at increased risk for death and disability. METHODS AND RESULTS Using 38-year follow-up data for the original cohort in the Framingham Heart Study, we developed an intermittent claudication risk profile. Intermittent claudication occurred in a total of 381 men and women. Age, sex, serum cholesterol,(More)
PURPOSE A number of genes in the 9q34.11 region may be haploinsufficient. However, studies analyzing genotype-phenotype correlations of deletions encompassing multiple dosage-sensitive genes in the region are lacking. METHODS We mapped breakpoints of 10 patients with 9q34.11 deletions using high-resolution 9q34-specific array comparative genomic(More)
Uric acid excretion can be measured in milligrams of urinary uric acid per decilitre of glomerular filtrate by obtaining the product of urinary uric acid and serum creatinine concentrations and dividing by the urine creatinine (all concentrations in mg/dL). In 29 normal adult men, the excretion rate in spot, midmorning samples was 0.4 +/- 0.1 (SD) mg of(More)
It has been hypothesized that pink salmon eggs incubating in intertidal streams transecting Prince William Sound (PWS) beaches oiled by the Exxon Valdez oil spill were exposed to lethal doses of dissolved hydrocarbons. Since polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) levels in the incubation gravel were too low to cause mortality, the allegation is that(More)
Angiogenesis, development of new blood vessels, is essential for wound healing and tumor growth. A potentially important side effect of anti-angiogenic therapy can be delayed wound healing. In this study we address this issue by using a novel in vivo method utilizing fibrin containing dual porous plexiglass chambers (Fibrin Z-Chambers; F-ZC) to investigate(More)
We assessed the effect of two common mutations in the lipoprotein lipase gene (LPL), D9N and N291S, which have been shown to modulate plasma lipids in a wide spectrum of patients. A total of 1114 men and 1 144 women from the Framingham Offspring Study (FOS) were analyzed for these two LPL variants. Subsequently, the association with fasting plasma lipids(More)